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AI ETUDIANT is a medical insurance designed for international students living in France, which designed jointly by ASSETS, a general insurance broker in Paris and MGEN, the major player in social protection in France.

AI ETUDIANT is a special medical insurance designed for international students living in France.

How to subscribe


How to subscribe to AI ETUDIANT


Required documents

There are two types of required documents to subscribe to AI ETUDIANT
which are:

You have not yet registered for the French Security Social 

  • Passport with ID picture page (Un justificatif d’identité)

  • Student VISA (visa étudiant)

  • Admission letter to university (Acceptation d’inscription de l’université)

You have already registered for Sécurité Sociale provisionally or full registration.

  • Passport with ID picture page (Un justificatif d’identité)

  • Student VISA (visa étudiant)

  • Student ID card or Certificate of registration to university (Attestation d’inscription pour l’année universitaire en cours)

  • A copy of Carte vitale or a certificate of enrolment to Sécurité sociale or a provisional Social Security certificate ( (une copie de la Carte Vitale ou Attestation de Sécurité sociale ou Attestation provisoire d’affiliation à l’assurances maladie)



How to Subscribe to AI ETUDIANT


  1. Click on the button "Subscribe to AI ETUDIANT", and fill out the online application form and send it to us.

  2. IWe will send you in return a PDF application form. Please fill and sign it.

  3. Scan the signed document and send it to Asset by e-mail along with requested documents. Then mail out the original documents via reguiar mail.

  4. We will send you a link for payment and an invoice by email. Please make  accordingly by credit card.

  5. The contract will be sent to you once we receive the original application form
    with necessary documents and payment confirmation.


  6. At a later date, after obtaining the Carte Vitale, please send us the documents below:
    the university/school registration certificate, banking details, enrolment certificate of Sécurité Sociale  (Attestation) .

申込方法 (AI Etudiant)
申込方法(Sécurité sociale)

How to Subscribe to Sécurité sociale for international students


Sécurité sociale is compulsory for all residents in France. The enrolment process for international students is different from the one of the French students.
International students can subscribe to French social security through the following main secure website:


Please take good note of the following points. ​


  1. ​Only students with a French student visa are eligible to apply for French Sécurité sociale or AI ETUDIANT. Please note that students with other visas are not eligible to apply.

  2. Students of first year in school/university are eligible for reimbursement even if they have not yet received a Carte Vitale, but they must apply for a Carte Vitale and send us a copy upon receipt. If you have received a copy of your student ID from the school/university, please forward a copy.

  3. Once you have registered for your Carte Vitale and you have received your temporary number, it will take a few months for your registration to be completed and for you to receive your Carte Vitale, so please be patient !!!

Please contact us for more information.
Contact to

ASSETS Assurances

1-3 Rue Lulli 75002 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 53 79 05 75

OPEN: Weekdays 9: 00-18: 00 (French time, GMT +1)


Thank you very much for your inquiry

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