AI ETUDIANT is a medical insurance designed for international students living in France, which designed jointly by ASSETS, a general insurance broker in Paris and MGEN, the major player in social protection in France.

AI ETUDIANT is a special medical insurance designed for international students living in France.

AI ETUDIANT Premiums and Benefits 




You will find below the premium amounts for AI ETUDIANT,, medical insurance for international students in France. Premiums below are yearly.  

・ 18 to 27 years old…396 €

・ 28 to 39 years old…594 €
・You must be under 40 years old to enrol

Enrolment is by credit card only. Premiums are yearly.
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About AI ETUDIANT Benefits


The table below shows the main benefits of AI ETUDIANT, a medical insurance for international students in France.
You can download all details from the below button.

  • All reimbursements below include payments from Sécurité sociale. 

  • Please note that medical treatments and medicines that SS does not refund will not be refunded.

  • Medical expenses are limited to doctors and hospitals on agreement with Sécurité sociale. Maximum reimbursement is up to 200% of BRSS* including payments from French social security.

  • Hospital stay – in patient…100% actual expenses **Max 200% BRSS

  • Day care hospitalization…100% actual expenses**Max 200% BRSS

  • Daily deductibles…100% actual expenses**Max 200% BRSS

  • Hospitalization stay in psychiatric ward…100% actual expenses**Max 5 000€/ year

  • Private room (standard room only)…80 € / day  Max 21 days

  • Emergency ambulance expenses 
                    …100% actual expenses**Max 200% BRSS

  • Emergency dental treatment
                    …100% actual expenses
    **Max 200% BRSS

  • Maternity…100% actual expenses**Max 200% BRSS

  • Consultations…100% actual expenses**
                            General Practitioner 50€/Specialist 75€

  • Paramedical treatment and alternative medicines
                      …100%actual expenses
    **Max 200% BRSS

  • Laboratory Expenses…100% actual expenses**Max 200% BRSS

  • Diagnostic Procedures (MRI, ECG and X-ray, etc)
                     …100% actual expenses
    **Max 200% BRSS

  • Prescription drugs…100% actual expenses**Max 200% BRSS

Other prosthesis (hearing aids, orthopedic prosthesis)
                      …100% actual expenses ** Max €1,000  / prosthesis

  • Overall maximum amount per year : … €1,000

  • Consultations and routine dental treatments (conservatory and surgical including gingivectomy) …100% actual expenses** Max €300

  • Dental prostheses further to an emergency or an accident
                       …100% actual expenses** Max €400/tooth

Frames, lenses 100% actual expenses**/Max €200/per full set  

In case of death of a member of your family****… 100% of actual expenses of one return ticket (first class train or economy air ticket).

  • Repatriation of mortal remains … 100% actual expenses

  • Funeral expenses … Max 3 000 € per person insured

* All reimbursements are based on tariffs fixed by French social security.

**Total medical expenses paid by the insured person. Maximum reimbursement is up to 200% of BRSS.
***In case of breakage or equipment, or in case of visual acuity change during your stay in France
****Spouse, Parents, Grandparents, Children, Grandchildren and Siblings but without In-laws


Please make sure to read the terms and conditions for details.


Area of cover

Medical fees are reimbursed by AI ETUDIANT provided they are incurred in France.

However, medical expenses incurred in the following European countries - further to an accident or an emergency acute disease (as defined in the contract) - are also covered for short trips of up to 3 weeks.


The European countries are:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovnia, Slovenia, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Monaco, Norway, Lichtenstein, Andrra.

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