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AI ETUDIANT is a medical insurance designed for international students living in France, which designed jointly by ASSETS, a general insurance broker in Paris and MGEN, the major player in social protection in France.

AI Etudiant is a special medical insurance designed for international students living in France.

fully designed for international students in France.

フランス留学なら保険はAI Etudiant

AI ETUDIANT is a special medical insurance for international students studying in France.

AI ETUDIANT, medical insurance(mutuelle) for international students in France, has been designed for international students in France and provides additional coverage on top of French social security basic cover. It is a safe and cost effective insurance policy that provides a generous amount of coverage for medical expenses and assistance coverage that are truly necessary in the event of an emergency.

You can buy this mutuelle through online with secured credit card payment. As soon as the payment is confirmed, we will send you the policy and proof of insurance coverage by email.

If you don't have a student visa yet nor you have not yet enrolled in the French social security, please contact ASSETS for more information.

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[French medical insurance system]

France has a universal healthcare insurance system like Japan. Not only French citizens, but all French legal residents are covered by this government insurance. It consists of two types: basic social security support like Japanese national health insurance, and “mutuelle”, which is a voluntary medical insurance (also called top up cover).


[What is Sécurité sociale]

Sécurité sociale (The French social security) is a basic health insurance government program that covers people who are legally residing in France for at least three consecutive months. The cost of the insurance varies depending on your income. There are slightly different types depending on your occupation and status, and international students are required to take out a special student health insurance plan. You need to buy it on the special page for international students.

[What is Mutuelle]

The Sécurité sociale (The French social security) as mentioned above is a minimum level of insurance and does not provide sufficient coverage in the event of hospitalization. For this reason, in France, you must take out a “mutuelle” (complementary) insurance, which is voluntary. It used to be optional, but now it has been made compulsory for employees. Mutuelle is similar to medical insurance because you can choose the product that best suits your needs from a variety of insurance companies. Although there are many mutuelle products available for students, the coverage requirements are different for French and international students. AI ETUDIANT is one of the official French mutuelle products and has been carefully designed to cover the specific needs of international students in France.

Carte vitaleカルト・ヴィタルとは
[What is Carte vitale]


Carte vitale is an insurance card with a chip which represents a proof of cover by Sécurité sociale for incurred medical expenses in France. You present this card when you go to a doctor, a hospital or a pharmacy. By reading the IC chip, the doctor or the medical institution will be able to confirm your ID and your enrolment information. The card is free but takes a long time to be issued. It may take a few months to receive your social security card after your cover starts.


carte vitale.png
AI Etudiant のメリット

Advantages of AI ETUDIANT


You can purchase AI ETUDIANT insurance prior to your departure for France, and coverage begins upon your arrival this country. There is no need to go through the complicated local procedure and you can start this way your new hassle free life in France.


Some overseas travel insurance covers are for a limited period of 180 days. The amounts of reimbursements are usually capped. AI ETUDIANT is a French "mutuelle" and there are no such restrictions. If you are hospitalized with a serious illness, you are fully covered for 100% of related expenses on top of hospital treatment(provided doctors and hospitals have an agreement with Social security.


Contrary to others French "mutuelles", AI ETUDIANT will cover the cost of returning to your country if any of your parents and/or siblings become critically ill.
In the event of death of the insured, AI ETUDIANT will also cover the cost for repatriating mortal remains to home country.


Enrolling to Sécurité sociale (French social security) in France requires a lot of paperwork and is a complicated process, involving a lot of your time and administrative procedures.
With AI ETUDIANT, coverage starts before you enrol to Sécurité sociale and upon your arrival in France (provided you purchased AI ETUDIANT beforehand).

Please contact us for more information.
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